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Ive been playing with chastity for almost 2 years now, and ive enjoyed the loss of control over my orgasms. But never really with a proper keyholder for a long period at their mercy. Longest so far have been 2 months,, ive always loved pushing bounderies and limits, and i really want to have that loss of power over orgasms for whenever keyholder feel i deserve them, or she decides i will never deserve them.

So after going in and out of chastity devices with self locking via apps / keyholders or clever devices that will make it harder for me to release myself, ive kinda come to the conclusion it only works with someone physically having the keys far way from me, to feel someone have that power over me. I choice Diva so be the one to have this power, and today i locked up after a day of self-indulging to the fullest extent. Ive put the keys in a box with a necklace, and mailed too a country far away and out of my reach. Dont know when or if i get them back, all i know is we signed a contract that i have to do all of her bidding for the next 12 months.

This will be the biggest step ive taken in my self discovery of my own fetishes and limits, and i am excited and nervous but in the best of ways.

This is a long time fantasy, now i just hope i know what i got myself into and see how far my mind and body can be taken.