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Last night again i tormented myself with those chastity hypno videos, its getting harder to handle it now .. since it makes my cock rip my on my balls like crazy. I get excited easier and easier.

At the same time my mind is starting to fantasize more than usual, im thinking about intimacy with women i am looking at, passing in street or talking to a neighbour. I think this time chastity is more intense for me, maybe because i am committing more than i would be with self locking.

Id almost wish my older not especially attractive neighbour would invite me in and want me to satisfy her, even though i wouldnt be able to use my cock that sorta stuff goes through my mind at times.

Diva got new pics up on onlyfans, and i already know that i will be fantasizing about her and what she might do to me when i look at these pictures. I think maybe watching these chastity hypno videos escalated arousal even more, and i think i will start to think of some way i can get release or satisfaction w/o using cock soon.

At the same time leaking have increased, and it doesnt take much for me to start leaking a little… Every day is increasing intensity now