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It was a long friday,

Diva played with my ass till early in the morning, and i leaked till early out in the morning. So incredible horny and aroused i couldn’t control it and my body took over where my mind couldn’t. I think Diva was enjoying it, im sure she knew it was comming, but it have taking me by surprise how easy i am submitting to her already.

Ive asked her to push me even further, i’d like to push all my limits and beyond them, and i hope Diva will do this with me.
To see where my mind and arousal can take me., what places and corners of submission i haven’t seen or felt before or even crossed my mind that i’d be capable of. I am grateful that she accepted to take my keys, i consider myself lucky i have someone as lovely as her helping me to discover these limits, and maybe break them for me,
im not the one deciding that anymore. and i am really enjoying it.

Its her game now, im just the piece being played with, and i am committed to play for a long time and for the duration we agreed on beforehand. 1 year is a long time, but i want to see and feel what she can bend my mind too over this period of time.

I couldn’t take it in the end last night, i was so horny and frustrated i didn’t know what to do, since i couldn’t jerk my cock for some much wanted release. At that point i probarly would have done any thing she suggest, i was utterly defeated. She could do what she wanted, and made me do what she wanted, i felt like a bitch.

Her bitch now.

This evening ive just rested, i woke up late since i got to bed late… im still aroused, not as much as yesterday but im still aroused.

I’ve just relaxed all day, and slept.. it took out a lot of energy of me last night / this morning. Diva won’t be back for Monday, so i will try and relax and probarly play some more with the hush, its an intense toy with some crazy vibrations i never experienced before. All this evening i have just reflected of the beating i got this morning, like i stated earlier, i am looking forward to whatever she have planned for me now. Im just worried about the prize of my orgasm from my cock, i dont think she are going to make that easy for me at all. Now that she knows i am breaking, im curious / nervous to see what switch she will turn up or down. More rules? More tasks? i dont know whats comming.

I’ll keep who ever is reading updated.