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I might be in trouble, had an little accident this morning….

Woke up aroused as ive been all weekend since Fridays defeat, and submission.
And i was playing with the hush again this morning, and after a little session i were cleaning it and playing with the vibrations from it. And i started thinking… what if i put it on my cage , how would that feel?

So i did, and i was already crazy aroused. Turns out it felt incredible i never felt that sensation before, cause i never had a vibrator with this power.. and i think maybe after 30 seconds i could feel it was getting to that point im not supposed to be at…. having an orgasm and cumming ,the feeling of remorse and guilt came over me just before i reached climax (i think) and made sure i removed it quickly…but my cock still did pump a little cum out, it didnt feel like an orgasm at all and im pretty sure i managed to ruin it.

bad bad idea is all i could think, and the guilt started comming into my mind, i have no idea how Diva will take this, and if im gonna be punished for it.
Im afraid to touch that hush now. no more playing with it for now.

Diva should be back tomorrow evening – And i am gonna be completely honest with her, take my punishment or whatever my mistake are gonna trigger in her besides disappointment.

Still worried though and feeling guilty as hell – I just hope i can make it up to her.