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Just another night locked up……except for waking up again with a raging boner, crushing and pinching my balls locked in the cage so much that i got out of bed with a determination to not be this excited, but nothing i do to stop it matters for a few minutes. The hardest ones too get rid off, are always the ones i didn’t have when awake in my experience, i just have to take the pain and focus on breathing.

It’s still comfortable wearing the cage during the day, except for when im out and about.. and the only option to taking a leak is standing up, instead of the humiliating but safe way to sit down and pee.

It’s like gambling, peeing standing up locked.
i pee too hard, i will start spraying everywhere through sideholes in cage and piss everywhere… including myself and my clothes, making me look like an idiot till i can change my pants at home.
My other option is to try and control the flow, but instead of spraying everywhere, it just capsulates fluids in the cage, fills it up and drips back all over my balls and down into my pants again.. making the need for a change of pants and me looking like an idiot again of cause.

Its all about the perfect placing , and control of flow. Which should be easy.. just not when i am outside in a public park full of people, who will eventually walk by me in their daily exercise or walk with the dog.

Its like russian roulette just with pee instead of bullets, and today i almost lost 2 times.

But for now im still alive, pants dry…

For now