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Just another day locked by Diva, i arrived home late in the evening after a long day of work, because of the massive rain downpurs we had been having all day, making my phone glow from clients calling which needed help.

Diva put up some new extremly hot pictures on her onlyfans, and my mind started imagining things and it got my cage too tighten up a lot. I think she enjoyed my cry of frustration over being helplessly locked in the cage and frustration setting in this soon from only 5 days locked. Cause it feels like she decided too tease me even more after this, putting the keys to my cage right in her lovely cleavage and my mind melted and my cock wanted to break the cage. But it never broke of cause, so instead my mind started breaking and it got tigther and tigther. I think the intensity of really not having these keys, was a factor i never calculated and it turns me incredibly on seeing her having a physical thing representing her power over me. All this unprepared for excitement lasted a few hours and i kept leaking too.

2-3 hours later im not sure how long excatly i was aroused.. it could have been longer.. but the inevitable happend as it almost always do for me, my balls started to hurt from the good ol’ blue balls.. Its a pain not describable if you haven’t had them you wouldn’t know, if you have… you know! I had to focus too calm down and try finding the best way too lie in bed.

We also touched the subject of how long i was going to be locked, and all i can say is.. i still have no clue, its not happening tomorrow or next month im sure of that. For now it sounds like i need to buy her a Range Rover Sport to even have a shot of getting keys back.

Might be a couple of years of bloggin in here then.