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Pretty uneventful day, just another Monday with a locked cock… No waking up with boners today which was a relief.

I came home in the evening, and i headed towards the showers to maintain and clean the cage, at least a couple of times a week i take extra care with cotton buds and i brush inside of the cage with anti bacterial soap, and make sure i get it all cleaned with the cottonbuds.

Well today i did the deed, but managed to stick that cottonbud up my peehole somehow, because i was forcing it to get it done faster. It hurt like hell and soap didnt help either, but after a rinse and proper cleaning i feel fresh and comfortable again.

I am gonna need to do some cage cleaning in the morning, i have a feeling i might torment myself on pornhub before i go to sleep today, im feeling horny …not sure what im gonna do.