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Last night i teased myself, reading chastity stories… watching chastity hypno videos on pornhub, it got me insanely excited and frustrated since no possibility of release from the denial of jerking my cock in the cage. I can feel myself becomming more and more horny and aroused each day that goes by.

Im sure i will be at 90% arousal 24/7 at some point when Diva turns up the heat on tasks. I still dont know what kind of games she want too play, but for now it feels like my balls are getting bigger, and leakages are increasing slightly every day when aroused. Im not at the point where its all day, but when i get aroused it starts to leak, and i can feel my cock leaking for a good while after arousal.

I am desperate for some release, so watching those hypnos are the closest i come to that it feels… even though it doesnt do anything but make me more aroused.

This evening i’ll probarly torment myself with some more those hypno videos filled with hot steamy clips.