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Rainy boring day! Nothing interesting to do! And you, pet, ahh you are working hard to pay for My luxurious lifestyle! Boring! Guess its pretty hard to concentrate at your office, but you know what, Goddess is bored, so She will make your day a bit harder. After all, Goddess needs some amusement.
I can imagine your pathetic shocked face when you hear the phone ringing! I know I have a special message ringtone, so you already know its Me, and you`ll be clumsy as fuck in your desperate attempt to grab the phone. The thoughts of not answering to your Goddess in the next second scares you so bad.
” Working hard, pet? Payday today .. so it`s tribute time for you.”
You wish you could write back about your miserable day, about the arguments with your employees and other stupid stuff, but you know I don`t care. So you settle for a simple YES MISS. Pathetic…I want more. I want you to crave for My attention, I want you to feel miserable and lost while waiting for a reply. I want you to not be able to concentrate at all at your work because of ME.
“Left my credit card in your purse, Miss!”
“Good boy! Spoiling time!”
And now the only thought you have is Me, spending your hard earned money on expensive girly thing. Turns you on somehow, but makes you also realize you are so weak. It’s scary how weaker and weaker you become each day. waiting patiently for My photos, cause you know you`re gonna get some. Sexy lingerie touching My perfect body. Silky nylons on My long legs. Expensive fur for your Mistress. Makes you sooo hard. At this point, your only wish is to see new lingerie, that you bought, glued to My soft skin.
“You are not allowed to touch, yet, puppy!”
Wondering how am I able to read your mind?
Can`t concentrate at all. You only focus on the pictures I have sent you and at how to stop your cravings. But you know you can`t. More and more pictures of Me received. Sweating. Craving. The room is spinning. Crazy! After all this, you think you could explode without even touching.
” You are only allowed to cum at My command. … Tomorrow, maybe.”

CamContacts: OneGreatDiva