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First of all i want to introduce myself , my name is alim i have been first introduced to the fetish world 6 years ago and findom has always been a weird fetish for me I didn’t quite get what is the joy or the thrill of it until i tried it and i have to say you don’t really experience it untill you serve a real Goddess better say a Diva here is when my story starts serving the diva.

I met the diva first time on chaturbate I entered the room and remained silent just watching and i was amazed how men get so weak and do what ever she desires. My curiously has raised and i wanted to know what is so special about her i started following her on twitter and reading every blog or video she has online. I have been frequently in her room she noticed me in her room one day and she asked why i have been entering and leaving and actually i had no answer simply i never saw anything like her on my 6 years. Then another day she fired her moderator for some reason and she knew saw me many times in her room so she decided to give me the honor to be her moderator on chaturabte.

That was a great privilege for me that I didn’t dream to have I immediately had to thank her i recharged some tokens and sent it to her then she ordered me to signup for her onlyfans I didn’t even think about it and I immediately did what the diva asked. I had no idea at this point what i have gotten myself into i am not sure untill today if she knew it all from the beginning and how a little start like that will lead me or not but after knowing how dangerously smart the diva is i think maybe that was her plan for me. I don’t want to make the post any longer so i will contiue my story in further posts stay tuned.