You all know Me by now. I have been around the Online Fem Dom scene for many years. Even if you didn`t had the guts to serve Me before, I`m pretty sure you found yourself drolling over My Profiles more than once.  There is no secret – I specialize in Financial Domination, Foot Fetish and Shoes Worship. There are many reasons a piggy such as yourself might ask my service. I am the manipulative banking adviser. You can guess pretty easily how I will decide to spend your money.

I am here to help you, even if it seems to hurt you. I am the nightmare that you need, you crave and you been searching for all your entire sad pathetic life. Your savings will be diverted into my account so that I may invest in my own little pleasures. This is for your own good! We both know how much you been seeking for that special Goddess who understands you. Financial savings will be made, solid assets will be acquired and managed by me only, obviously, so forget about your ugly ass wifey thing, I deserve your money better than her. Long cam sessions are necessary to keep on top of your financial situation. In some cases the cam show may be interrupted and you will be demanded to get back in and pay a higher rate, without getting abso-fucking-lutly nothing in return. Edging is a requirement. Laughing and teasing will come from me so be prepared to be used and laughed at especially if you have a very small penis, I love mocking small dick losers as much as I love tantalizing you with My perfect long legs covered in sheer nylons while dangling My designer shoes.

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