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Many of us has served couple of ladies before finding the one. Ladies with different level of experience and personalities and goals and reason for getting into the scene. The one that you meet and you want to dedicate the rest of your life serving and making sure you are what she really wants and to become what she really wants that requires you to change which is mot a simple task.

I met OneGreatDiva with not much in mind just visting a findom cam room maybe i tribute have a session enjoy my time and fullfil my kinks and needs and thats it. but when you meet a OneGreatDiva you think you are getting what you want but trust me you are being transformed into the submissive she wants you to be and still enjoying it.

Onegreatdiva has completely changed the concept of “serving” for me. It is not about your pleasure , it is not about getting off. It is all about her pleasure and what she want and needs and she will make sure to get that.
it is something hard to explain and you have to interact with her to understand what i want to say and the power she has.