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new day on chaturbate. It is 7pm here my time and it is time i know the diva usually goes online. I waited until the diva was online i thought i will be only doing my moderator job at this day but the diva apparently had other thoughts.

i remember in the chat room there was someone saying how he got into financial domination then the diva sent me a message “ I wonder how did you start alim “ i told her my story and at this point I was abstained from financial domination from more than a year then she asked me what was my biggest drain ever and i told her she ordered me to open onlyfans and send my first tribute I didn’t even hesitate and immediately did what i was instructed to do and in no time i was totally drained first day serving her it was my biggest drain ever and i have to say you didn’t experience real financial domination untill you serve a real woman.

finally i want to say what keeps me addicted to the onegreatdiva is more than even my brains know about she is dangerously smart she can manipulate your mind to do whatever she desires and a body that will leave you drooling and a cleavage that you will develop a new fetish for so if you want to experience the real financial domination look no further but don’t say I didn’t worn you.