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Woke up at 4 am today, raging cock trying to escape cage, pulling on balls as usual. I dont think i will ever get used to that.

The hush i ordered have arrived, and after arriving at home and relaxing a little it was fully charged for a first time experience. Lucky me, Diva are online and takes full control of it… Its very intense, and even on low it has a very different sensation. It makes me leak and tingle a lot, and i think with enough use i can have anal orgasms from this, since the vibrations are so strong and different on the each level. also it makes me hard in cage, so i am enjoying it a lot.

I also want to note again, how much more intense physical keyholding have influence over my mind.. its making me much more submissive a lot faster than expected. I feel like i want diva to take even more control over me and make me a slave for her pleasure..and take me deeper into submission and denial. Definetely didnt think this only 12 days ago, still not begging to cum yet, but i feel locktober will be a rough month for me.

Might be little submission a lot more than i thought.