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Last few days Diva milked my balls, with the same exact method i was being punished for – this time just supervised by her. Its frustrating and doesnt feel like an orgasm… it just makes a mess in my cage i need to go to shower to clean up, after she told me to hit the shower before. But as Diva says its better than no cum, i won’t dare to disagree.

I thought it might help with leaking, but it doesn’t… i think it might even have made it worse, i still get horny all the time, especially when i see Diva now in her lovely outfits it makes me leak a lot.

I feel she have gotten a little stricter with me, and it arouses me even more when she bosses me around and set expectations for me.
I feel like that at the end of the year, i wont be able to cum without her allowing me anymore, even if i arent caged.

My commitment have started to manifest in my brain, i wan’t to please her and i love when she gives me attention, but i am not aiming for any more lessons. one was enough, but i dont think she belive im gonna be perfect from now on.

I am starting to miss jerking off with my hand, but it quickly reminds me that keys are long way from me, and they belong to Diva now and its her decision if i get to have any orgasms or pleasures.

I might have told her they are hers forever when i got too aroused last Friday, i am good at amplifying my arousal because i fantasize about her control over me.

And im pretty sure she knows it too, at least she do now 😉