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Last night i could feel my head getting a little to excited and it had me worried i would be waking up all night, with a cage ring crushing my balls from erections, but it only happend once in the early mornings.

The training up to this definetely makes a difference since i am already comfortable wearing the cage over night and extended periods. I am of cause noticing women more, and i feel more submissive wearing a cage, but this is normal behaviour for me when i am caged.

it also helps my workload have increased and my daily workout schedule is back to routine, trying to get back in fighting condition after Corona vacation. But at the same time i get more testy from exercising, and Diva probarly have some devious schemes planned, to get me more excited than i am now, down the line.

So i will see what the future have in store for me, day 3 are not exactly over yet though.