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Keys are now arrived at Diva, and reality has kicked in for me and i will have to get used to that my own will is not necessarily my own anymore. For now im good, but each day it will get harder and harder, and i think that i will see new sides of Diva, i haven’t seen before, since she now knows the keys are in her possession, and there is nothing i can do about it.
But for now i still feel i can touch the bottom of the swimming pool, we’ll see when i get pulled out to the deep end.

My balls are starting to get to that big blue size, and leaking is starting a little now. Cleaning and maintaining is now a 10-15 min job 2-3 times a day. And is definetely some thing everyone who consider physically handing anyone there keys should have researched and got a routine about. It can be demanding, but its important for health and hygiene reasons of cause.
Anti bacterial soap, cotton sticks, skin creme, and hair dryer is a must to have for keeping cage properly clean.

Im also wondering if Diva keeps me long enough caged, how much my cock will shrink and if i will need to downsize the cage a few times at some point.

I will just do my best for now, and do whats expected of me like daily tasks etc.