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Woke up at 6 am – Balls hurting from a nocturnal erection trying to rip cage off, it was intense to wake up with that today…. hardest one i had so far, took about 15 minutes to calm it down. Doesnt matter what you do when this happens, it stays painful till your cock relaxes by itself. I at least havent found the way to get it over with fast.

Since i was up early, might aswell do laundry and excercises early on, the day have gotten quite productive, and i even got time to swing by a couple of friends to say hello, and help with some stuff.

Cage is comfortable to wear as always, so not that much to tell today. Leaking have been very small if any, but i have been keeping busy so no time for arousal, i do notice women of all shapes and sizes more and more though.

And in that regard my approach towards them is much more subtle i think, its interresting how a cage works wonder in making the mind more submissive.
At least my mind.