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You asked for a day off, pup, and I allowed you, but you think that means you are off of any obligations? Haha, silly you! Not being in My presence won`t make you stronger. And I know how to keep My pets constantly craving. You don`t have to be kneeling in front of Me, I can control you and your life no matter where you are.
The only way you could have a day off was by paying for it. So today I took your credit card and went shopping. Done that before, so you already expected that. But I know your weakness, and today I`ll make you pay for what I already bought with your money.
Back in My cozy home, trying My new sheer Nylons and My new brand limited edition high heels. Making short clips of how I run My red nails on My perfect long legs covered in those nylons. Once I press send, you`ll be lost. And weak. And pathetic, drooling and craving to be here, at My feet.
By now you are thinking if its a torture or a reward. Greedy you, asking for more and more, but only getting silence back in return. You know how to catch My attention. The sound of your money rolling into My account makes Me smile.
Here goes another short clip with My shiny heels. Dangling those gorgeous classy shoes and revealing My perfect feet and My soft soles.
More and more greedy. Weaker and weaker. You just can`t control yourself, and you press send to some more cash because you want more. You like what you see and you`ll do anything for Me, for the thought that one day, I will allow you to sniff and touch those nylons.
Do you want them, pet? Wanna wear this pair that already touched My silky skin? I know this will turn you on so bad to the point that you`ll be able to cum without touching. But you know you are not allowed.
So be good boy and make your Goddess happy. Make it rain.

CamContacts: OneGreatDiva